GT Maryland destroyed my property

Washington, District Of Columbia 3 comments

A GT Maryland rep came to my house and gave an estimate of how much it would cost to powerwash and stain my deck and fence.The rep said he had tons of experience and promised he would do all the work himself.

Instead, he sent 2 men who apparently knew nothing about powerwashing or staining wood. They cracked most of the posts and slats of my fence and deck, stained over unwashed wood, ripped 9 limbs off of my beautiful Japanese Maple tree, destroyed my grass, left blank spots and drip stains all over the wood and covered my cement porch under the deck as well as my siding with stain.

The original rep came back to try to fix things several times and just made matters worse until he then stopped returning our calls entirely.Then the company had the nerve to keep the almost $800 I had paid them for destroying my property.



one more thing , they both are *** up in the head , they need help , and from my understanding they filing chapter 1 1 in maryland for granite transformations, cheap goes very far in life

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #657275

i worked with david and lisa for a few fews years in marylamd while the guy brad went under in virginia for fraud, i ran brads buisness in va, while working with these two in maryland very un professional shop there in md , lack of control , the installers run place , owner no knowledge of product , owner operator there is a very cheap individual , always cheating his workers out of pay , cutting corners on price , just *** on top of *** adds up with these two, freddie


dito de paco gino el camonio punta, sinurita

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